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The Gem Catalog

With Gem, all of your script data is at your fingertips! Every item you add to your script is automatically tagged and logged in the Catalog file itself, which means there's no need to breakdown anything in your project! With regards to Characters, any spoken lines are transferred to their own catalog entry and are available for quick and easy reference! 

Changes, you say?  

Where the catalog items are all linked directly to the script, any changes you need to make in the catalog will be updated in the script. This makes changing names of characters, locations, etc... all easy and system wide! 


Your project, your flow!

The Catalog file itself does not rely on the script for data. If you wish, you might want to fill that out, before starting work on the script itself.  Any item added here will be added to the script editor's auto-populate fields, meaning that all your items will be suggested as you type! This takes all the guesswork out of it!


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