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Interactive Dialogue

This article refers to Game and VR projects on For help with Celtx Gem, please, see here.


The Interactive Dialogue system allows you to create automatically-templated branching dialogue exchanges. Creating an Interactive Dialogue sequence functions similarly to branching: select a desired originating sequence, and click ‘Interactive Dialogue’.

This will automatically spawn, connect, and select a new Interactive Dialogue node on your Story Map.


It will automatically open the Interactive Dialogue editor.


This editor contains an initial prompt and response template. Upon clicking a prompt or response box, an input window will open where you can write Character, Parenthetical, and Dialogue elements.

To build out your Interactive Dialogue tree, hover over a box. Hovering over prompt boxes allows you to add more responses.


Hovering over a 'response' box will allow you to delete the response. This hover menu will also allow you to create new sequences that occur in the story as a result of that dialogue choice. Just click 'New Sequence,' fill in the details, and the sequence will be added to the story map, branching from the Interactive Dialogue node.


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