Interactive Dialogue

The Interactive Dialogue system allows you to create automatically-templated branching dialogue exchanges. Creating an Interactive Dialogue sequence functions similarly to branching: select a desired originating sequence, and click ‘Interactive Dialogue’.

This will automatically spawn, connect, and select a new Interactive Dialogue node on your Story Map.


It will automatically open the Interactive Dialogue editor.


This editor contains an initial prompt and response template. Upon clicking a prompt or response box, an input window will open where you can write Character, Parenthetical, and Dialogue elements.

To build out your Interactive Dialogue tree, hover over a box. Hovering over prompt boxes allows you to add or delete responses, and hovering over response boxes allows you to add new prompts.


You also have the option of branching out of an Interactive Dialogue and in to a new sequence. Hover over any response box and select ‘New Sequence’. This will allow you to branch from the response to an existing or new sequence.


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