Adding Branch Points

Branch points enable you to create and connect sequences to represent narrative paths where multiple options are present.

To create a branch point, select the sequence node where you want the divergence to take place, then click the ‘New Branch’ button.


This opens the branch menu. You can also add new branches by clicking ‘New Branch’ in the Context Menu (this method does not open the branch menu automatically, allowing for the faster creation of multiple branch points).


From here, you can give the branch a title and define the connecting sequences. You can either choose from any existing sequence nodes, or create new sequence nodes by typing new sequence titles.

Click ‘Update’ to create the branch point.

A branch node will be added to the Story Map, along with arrows that represent the sequence connections. There is no limit to how many sequences can be connected through a branch point.


Double-clicking the branch point node will re-open the Branch Menu, where you can add additional notes and and customize its appearance.

Once a branch point is created, it will add a Branch Box to its originating sequence.


This box contains all relevant branch data, including the title of the branch, the title of the connected sequences, and the connected sequence descriptions. This box can be moved around within the originating sequence by dragging and dropping.

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