Releases and Updates (April to June, 2021)

Celtx releases new features, fixes and improvements approximately twice weekly. Except where features are plan-specific, these updates reach all of our clients once released. There's no need to update your version or download anything. You're automatically updated to the newest and best version of Celtx whenever you log in.

Here you can view our release notes by date. The notes are arranged by the following categories:

  • New Features: A self-explanatory title, under this heading you'll find new features, large and small. 
  • Fixes and Improvements: These include bug fixes, internal issue fixes, and improvements made to help our features perform better or pave the way for future features.
  • Optimization: These include internal optimization fixes to things like load times, storage, etc.
  • Removed: On the rare occasions where we sunset an older feature or function, it will be listed here.
  • Security: Occasional security updates will be listed here.

Every release always includes a number of smaller fixes and changes to improve the Celtx experience for all users. 

If you're interested in a particular feature you can use ctrl/cmd+F to search the page. Remember, you can always submit bugs and suggestions for improvements to our support staff at any time.

Release Notes 2021-06-25

Fixes & Improvements

  • Multi-Column AV: fixed an issue where, if a project was duplicated, the duplicated project's images would not render for collaborators not shared on the original.
  • Call Sheet: fixed an issue with the "Shared Link" view where blank fields would shift what would populate in other cells.
  • Client Approvals: fixed an issue that prevented the client from scrolling within a Cast & Crew asset view.

Release Notes 2021-06-21

Fixes & Improvements

  • Index Cards (Mobile): fixed an issue where interacting with Linked Index Cards could cause performance issues.
  • Stageplay: (Chrome-specific): fixed an issue where PDFs using American Formattings downloaded via Chrome were experiencing clipping at the vertical margins.
  • Budget: In the Catalog and Cast & Crew, when a collaborator has "hide" permissions, the budget columns and the budget sections are now removed.
  • Screenplay: fixed an issue with hyphenation that was causing the print output to differ from the editor.
  • Multi-Column AV: fixed an issue with hyphenation that was causing the print output to differ from the editor.

Release Notes 2021-06-14

Fixes & Improvements

  • Call Sheets: Location cells will now "wrap" instead of being cut of with "...".

Release Notes 2021-06-08


  • Revision Mode: Improved the responsiveness of scene number upon resetting revisions.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Index Cards: Fixed an issue where rearranged the order of the tags in the index card made the card uneditable until refresh.
  • Multi-Column AV (Mobile): fixed an issue with episodic projects that affected ability to access episodes other than episode one.
  • Client Approval: fixed an issue affecting the ability for clients to reply to comments.
  • Index Cards: fixed issue with linked Index Cards wherein users with read only permissions appeared to be able to edit the body of cards.
  • Project View: fixed an issue for windows users where "Plan" section expansion had an animation issue.
  • Cast & Crew: fixed an issue where adding a crew within the distribution tool will result in that crew being assigned as "no department".
  • Script Editor: Fixed issue where non-latin characters, under certain conditions, were importing as "???".

Release Notes 2021-06-02


  • Caching performance: improvements to caching resulting in more responsive performance after a switch of plans.

Release Notes 2021-05-25


  • Script Import: optimized PDF parser. "Continues" will now be scrubbed automatically upon import.

Release Notes 2021-05-11

Fixes & Improvements

  • Budget: fixed an edge-case calculation issue with the Fringes Report.
  • Cart: fixed a messaging issue for user that have a pre-existing payment option.
  • Index Card App (Android/iOS): fixed an issue were some users were having trouble logging in.
  • Index Cards: fixed an issue where it appeared users with read-only permissions could rearrange tags.
  • Media Library Tool: updated all instances with the same user interface.
  • Multi-column AV (Sides): fixed an issue where text stylings was causing duplication in the Video Column of Sides.
  • Script: improved support for externally-formatted content pasted from the Clipboard.
  • Sharing Dialog: minor UI improvements to the 'shared with' tags.

Release Notes 2021-05-07


  • Script Editor (Chrome): Introduced significant performance improvements to the script editor (especially noticeable in scripts >60 pages).

Fixes & Improvements

  • Account Settings: relocated 'Payment Info' and 'Organization VAT' from the Settings Page to the Plan Page (locating all billing-related info in one place) would result in a tab crash.
  • Budget: improvement the visibility of budget items by defaulting categories with values to an 'expanded' view.
  • Catalog Import: Improved Catalog Import Tool to facilitate the import of Episodic Master Catalogs
  • Multi-Column AV: fixed an issue where a if a user had the format type dropdown menu open in Storyboard while another user was typing, the menu would close on its own.
  • Onboarding: fixed an issue where, if a user was invited to Celtx via the collaborator invite, the onboarding welcome screen wouldn't load until the user refreshed their page or started their second session.
  • Spellcheck: fixed an issue where an unreasonably long string of characters passed through the spellchecker.
  • Stripboard: fixed an issue where sorting by Dramatic Day or by Duration was not functioning as expected.

Release Notes 2021-05-06

New Features

Cast & CrewDecoupled cast, crew, and vendors from the asset catalog–giving them their own view. Added several handy features to cross-link actors and background performers with characters and extras. Custom Departments for Crew will now have their own top-level navigation in the Cast & Crew library. The Cast & Crew library's main view now has contextual, category-specific columns.

Release Notes 2021-04-28

Improvements & Fixes

  • Permissions: fixed an issue where if a user had "read-only" permissions on the script and "write" permissions otherwise, the catalog would be set to "read-only".
  • Permissions: fixed an issue where if a user had "read only" or "hide" permissions on the Budget, the catalog would be set to "read only".

Release Notes 2021-04-13


  • Game & VR: a basket of minor improvements to enhance the overall speed of the storymap and related dialogs.

Release Notes 2021-04-07

Fixes & Improvements

  • Shot List: fixed a minor issue where the loading indicator continued while a read-only user accessed the document.
  • Schedule: fixed a small issue where the "complete" checkbox would seem to be active for read-only users.
  • Call Sheets: maximum recipients of call sheet distribution increased to 100.

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