“Internal Server Error” when printing

This can happen sometimes if the offending script has content that was copied and pasted from another source, like Microsoft Word or you're writing in another language that doesn't use the utf-8 character set (ex: Cyrillic, Hebrew, Hindi, or Arabic)

Printing Imports from Word

Word has a tendency to saturate its docs with invisible formatting code that cannot be easily understood by another server.

The best solution is to sanitize the script and strip out all of that junk code that is wreaking havoc.  It's easy to do but can still be inconvenient.

Step 1: Select all your text and copy it into a blank Word document

Step 2: Save it

Step 3: In your Online studio, open a new, blank script.

Step 4: Go to Actions>Import From File... and select your word doc.

This import button will strip out the offending text characters and give you a clean script that should print properly. You may lose a little of your formatting along the way, but you can reformat and print away!


Printing non-utf-8 language characters

The best solution for this problem is to download one of our iOS or Mac Script apps. They can print and PDF these languages.

Check out our apps section for more information. 

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