How do I restore an old save of my script?

All scripts in Celtx have a history. It's on the top right of the script. Each time your document saves. 

Viewing your History

Just click on the history and try to locate the approximate date and time you're looking for. The history runs most recent at the top to earliest at the bottom.

Click on any of the saves in the list to view your script from that time.


Restoring in the premium editor

If you're using the premium editor, just hit the "Restore" button to restore the save version you're looking at.

Restoring in the basic editor

If you're using the basic editor, you'll want to follow these steps:

  1. click to view the save you want to restore
  2. Select All of the text (ctrl/cmd + a)
  3. Copy all the text (ctrl/cmd + c)
  4. Click on your current Working Copy in the history list
  5. Select All of the text again (ctrl/cmd + a)
  6. Paste over with the copied text (ctrl/cmd + v)

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