How do I restore an old save of my script?

All scripts in Celtx have a History. You can view this History by selecting the Edit > History options in your top navigation bar, while viewing your Screenplay, Stageplay, AV, or Game & VR Scripts. Each time your document saves, a version of it is added to this list. 

For subscribed users, the option to "Restore" a previous version of a script is available via the History menu.


Restoring as an unsubscribed user

While the automatic Restore functionality is only available to subscribed users, the option to view revisions of your script is always available to all users via the History menu.

To replace the current version of your work with a previously saved version, complete the following steps:

  1. Click to view the saved version you want to Restore
  2. Select All of the text (Ctrl/Cmd + A)
  3. Copy all the text (Ctrl/Cmd + C)
  4. Click on your current Working Copy in the History list
  5. Select All of the text again (Ctrl/Cmd + A)
  6. Paste over with the copied text (Ctrl/Cmd + V)
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