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Studio Admin Basics

You’re keeping all your work - and administration - under one Studio “roof.” You're the boss. The Head Honcho. Everyone's on your team. But what does that mean?

Introduction to Studio Teams


Adding Seats and Members

Your team is made up of “seats,” which are filled by your Studio members. As a Studio Admin you can add or remove members at any time by selecting the "Studio Management" tab on the left when you log in.

If you add new members and seats for them partway into a billing cycle you’ll pay only for the days you’ve added those seats. If you remove a member and won’t be reusing their seat, remember to go in under the "Studio Management" tab and remove their seat too.

Removing Seats and Members

Once you remove a member, you can decide if they keep their files created in the Studio or if you’re going to transfer them to yourself or another team member. You can also decide whether or not to reduce the seat count.

Who's Paying for this?

If you're the admin, you are! This is the beauty of being an Admin, while each member has their own account, you control the files, the sharing, and the payments!

You pay the regular subscription rate per seat. You can add or remove a seat any time using the subscribe option and add or remove a member any time using the "Studio Management" tab.

The Studio Management Tab

Your "Studio Management" tab is available when you click the Studio Management link in your left-hand nav bar. Add Members, Groups, Contacts, and Clients there.

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