Script Notes

You can leave colored notes attached to your script and print them in as footnotes in the premium editor.

Adding Notes

  1. place your cursor in the script where you want the note to embed
  2. open up the notes sidebar
  3. Hit "Add Note"

The note will appear in the right sidebar and if you want to change the color, edit the text, or delete it, you can do so by clicking on it.

Printing Notes

If you're using the Premium Editor you'll be able to print a version of your script with your notes as footnotes.

  1. Click the Print button, or hit Actions>Print/PDF
  2. Select "Script with Footnotes" from the Report Content dropdown
  3. Hit Print Preview or Download

Your document will include a numbered and colored marker in front of the paragraph your note is attached to...


... and a corresponding footnote at the bottom of your page.


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