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Progress Reports

From your project dashboard, click the progress icon to set deadlines and view your how close to completion each project file is:

Your project deadline is the day you want to complete all pre-production tasks and be ready to start shooting.

You can set a scene goal to determine script length.

And setting your script completion date will start your project on the right track.

Don't worry, deadlines and goals can always be changed after-the-fact. If you're not sure how many scenes to set, just "eyeball" it.

Once you set your scene goal, your script progress will display as a percentage completed of goal scenes.

Your breakdown auto-populates character names, but these won't count for the breakdown progress. Your breakdown progress won't increase until you open the file and add new breakdown details. The total percentage complete is determined by the number of updated scenes divided by the total number of scenes in the script. This progress report acts as a snapshot in time. If you add another scene to your script and have not yet completed the breakdown for that scene, your progress will actually "slip backward." 

The shotlist and schedule progress work similarly to breakdown, the percentage is determined by the number of scenes currently in your script, not your goal scenes. Schedule progress is marked 100% complete when all current scenes are scheduled before an end of day banner on your stripboard.

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