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Breakdown Mode (Game & VR)

This article refers to Game and VR projects on For help with Celtx Gem, please, see here.

A key feature of Game & VR projects is the ability to identify, define, and track various story assets as your narrative grows. This is accomplished through Breakdown Mode.

Entering Breakdown Mode

Select the sequence that you would like to break down and enter script only view.


This will cause the Script Menu to appear. Click ‘Breakdown’.


This puts the script into Breakdown Mode. This is a read-only state. The Breakdown sidebar will appear to the right of the script document. Characters with dialogue are automatically tagged and entered into the catalog.


There are two methods for tagging assets. One is to highlight a portion of text. This will open the Breakdown Menu, where you can give your asset a name and assign it a category. You can also enter a State description.

Click update, and the asset will be created in the catalog and listed in the breakdown sidebar.

The color of the text will also change to reflect the presence of a tagged asset.


If you wish to tag an asset but not tie it to a piece of text, click the ‘Add’ button in the breakdown sidebar. Screen_Shot_2018-07-12_at_1.43.33_PM.png 

Existing assets can be selected from the list (organized by asset type) and re-tagged. Every time you tag an existing asset, you can give it a new state description. These descriptions are tracked in the catalog, and allow you to define how an asset changes throughout your story.

To navigate between different sequences without exiting Breakdown Mode, use the sequence navigator located in the upper-right corner, above the breakdown sidebar.


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