Adding Members & Creating Groups

Open the management menu on the lefthand side of your project dashboard to access the following menu tabs:


This tab gives you an overview of your current Gem account plan.


This tab allows you to invite new members to your Gem team, as well as create Groups.

To add a new member, enter their email address into the ‘Add a new team member field’ and click ‘Invite’. They will receive an email notification that they have been invited to your Gem team and will be prompted to register and verify.

As the admin, you have the ability to access team members’ accounts by hovering over their name and clicking ‘Become User’ button that will appear. You can also set their passwords, grant admin privileges to them, and remove them from your team by clicking the ‘Edit’ button.


Click the ‘New Group’ button to organize your team members into groups. This can help you streamline project sharing when managing large teams.


This tab allows you to access and customize your personal account data, including changing your password.

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