Creating a Project


When you have no projects, you will be prompted to create one in your project dashboard. Give it a title and click ‘Start Creating’. You also have the option of mass-sharing it with all of your team members.

Once you have a project, it will be displayed in your project dashboard. Further new projects can be created by clicking the ‘New Project’ button.

Each project can have an associated image. Click on the colored circle to upload one. The sharing button below the title allows you to adjust sharing permissions. Click the project checkbox to access the Folder, Rename, Duplicate, Archive, and Delete buttons.

Project Modules

Each Gem project contains three unique document types.

The Script

This is where you write your story content, build your Story Map, and identify and tag assets through the Breakdown mode.

The Catalog

This document contains unique entries for each distinct component of your story. In each of these entries, you can create additional background material and track their appearances throughout your script. You can also create and develop story assets independent of script content.

The Reports

This document allows you to generate reports that capture any and all data associated with your script and catalog content. These reports can be exported as .JSON or .CSV files.

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