Sharing, Collaboration, & Permissions



There are multiple ways to share projects with your team members to collaborate on. The first option is sharing the project with all team members upon creation, which can be accomplished by clicking the checkbox next to ‘Share with all members’ in the project creation menu.

You can access sharing controls for existing projects by clicking on the ‘Sharing’ button located on each project. This opens the sharing tab. Click ‘Edit’ team to add/remove members or groups, then click ‘Save’.

An additional Sharing button is present at the top of the each Script, Catalog, and Reports document.


When you open a Gem project, team members with access will be listed on the left under ‘Project Team’. Next to each member is a cog button. Clicking this opens the Permissions menu.

From here you can set visibility and read/write permissions for each team member based on document type. Click ‘Save Permissions’ to finalize.

Shareable URLs

You can generate shareable URLs to provide read-only access to individuals outside of the Celtx Gem system.

Under the ‘Options’ menu in the upper-left of each Gem document, select ‘create shareable link’. This will generate a URL for you to distribute. Note that these URLs are specific to the document type, and do not expire.

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