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Using the Game & VR Reports

This article refers to Game and VR projects on For help with Celtx Gem, please, see here.

The Reports module generates comprehensive data reports on your project’s current narrative content. There are three report types.

The Sequence Report

The Sequence Report lists every asset and script element in your project, in order of creation. It can be filtered by Sequence and Element/Asset type.

The Dialogue Report

The Dialogue Report lists all lines of dialogue in your project, along with associated characters, sequences, and parentheticals. It can be filtered by character and dialogue type.

The Catalog Report

The Catalog Report lists all project assets along with all associated catalog data. It can be filtered by asset type.

Filtering Reports

Any of the reports can be filtered to exclude specific data. Just hit the Filter button Screen_Shot_2018-07-12_at_1.57.04_PM.png

The resulting windows will allow you to check off the categories, sequences, or elements you want to include in your report export.

Exporting Reports

There are two export options for your reports. At the top of each report (next to the filter button) are the JSON and CSV export buttons.


Clicking either of these will instantly export and automatically download your currently configured report in the corresponding file format.


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