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Transitions are a primary connection type that represent the direct movement from one sequence to another with no inherit choice being made. Transitions do not exist as distinct Story Map objects the way that branch points are, but are tracked and referenced in the catalog, reports, and .JSON data.

Automatic Transitions

When a new sequence is created via the context menu, it will be automatically connected by a transition to the previous sentence. When using the ‘New Sequence’ button, this transition is optional.

Appended Transitions

When a new sequence is created via the context menu between two existing sequences that are connected via transition, it will automatically be inserted and transitioned from the first sequence and into the second.

Drawing Transitions

To transition from a sequence to another existing unconnected sequence, choose the ‘draw transition’ option from the context menu. The cursor will then shift to a crosshair. Select the originating sequence, hold, and drag to the desired terminating sequence. This will create a new transition.

Merging Transitions

If you have a branch point that connects to multiple sequences, you can use the transition tool to merge them all back together to a single, new sequence.

Highlight your multiple sequences, then right-click on one to open the context menu. Select ‘add sequence’. This will create a new sequence that is connected via a transition from each of the multiple originating sequences.

Deleting Transitions

To delete a transition connection, right click on the transition in the Story Map and select delete.

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