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Adapt a Screenplay to a Game & VR Project

This article refers to Game and VR projects on For help with Celtx Gem, please, see here.  Only subscriptions with the Game & VR bundle will continue to have the Adapt-To GVR option. 


Looking to take your Screenplay in another direction – or perhaps many different directions? Screenplays saved in other Projects – or even on your local device – can now be adapted to a Game & VR (GVR) multi-branching narrative with just a few clicks.

Adapt a Studio or local screenplay into a GVR Project

To start creating a new GVR Project, from either a script saved in your Online Studio or your device, click 'New Project' in your Studio's Home View.


From there...

  • Select Game & VR
  • Name your Project, and click the 'Select a Script'
    • For locally saved scripts, click "I have a script on my computer", and locate the script on your device (compatible file-types are listed in our Import Help Centre article.)
    • For scripts saved to your Celtx Studio, simply select the script from the dropdown menu. 
  • Select 'Create Project'.

Note that your original source material will be unaffected by the adaptation.

Alternatively, click the Script Options menu, located on the Script Card in any Project Dashboard, and click 'Adapt To'.



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