Jump Nodes

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Need to send a player back to the start of the level, or maybe whisk them away to a hidden area well off the natural path? With Jump Nodes, you can do it with ease!

Jump Nodes can be built off of sequences to send a player to any other sequence on the story map, completely bypassing the rest of the narrative structure, and regardless of the conditions required for the player to progress.

To add a Jump Node, right-click a sequence node to surface the context menu, and select "Add Jump"


When you add the Jump Node, it will appear as a rounded rectangle with unique ‘hollow’ styling and they will also branch off the selected origin sequence.  


Double-click the node to bring up the 'Edit' modal for the Jump Node. There, you'll be able to assign a name to the Jump Node, as well as define the destination sequence.


Click 'update' and a link will be created from the Jump Node to the destination sequence. This link will appear as a serrated line that will appear if the origin sequence, destination sequence, and/or the Jump Node itself are selected on the story map. It will also appear if you hover over where the connection would be, if selected; otherwise, it will remain invisible, to keep your story map organized.


If you have any questions about how to integrate Jump Nodes into your story structure, or any other questions regarding your Celtx experience, reach out to us at support@celtx.com.


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