Sharing Celtx Pro Projects

Whenever you share a project with a co-worker, Celtx will send them an email indicating that you are inviting them to collaborate on that project with you.

Within your Celtx Pro Studio, your adminstrator determines who has access to shared projects, either by adding them as members or using the Domain Restricted Sharing to apply access.

If the user does not have an existing account, they will first be invited to set up their own Celtx Studio before they can begin collaborating.


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Sharing your Project Managing Collaborators of Varying Plans  
Setting Permissions    
Sharing Dropdown Menu    
Leaving a Project    

Sharing your Project


To share a Project, click the "Share" button, found within the Studio, Project, and Document views. 



Click the Share button to the "Sharing Dialog" Sharing_Dialog.png

Studio Members are already in your collaborators list  and can be added by typing a portion of their email address or name and selecting them from the suggestions, each will be added beneath the email field. 

You can also add a message, which will be sent to all collaborators you've just added to the project.

Once you have confirmed the email address, set the collaborators' permissions. Click "Share" to send them an invitation email.

Setting Permissions

Project Owners have the ability to set permissions for anyone they invite to their Project. Click the 'Wrench' icon to the right of the Email field to select from a list of predefined permissions:  

Predefined Permissions


Edit & Manage Edit all documents, set (non-owner) permissions, and invite & remove collaborators
Edit Edit all documents
Read Only Read, but not edit, all documents.

Granular Permissions

Once an email has been confirmed in the Email field by pressing 'Enter' or 'Comma', it will appear below the Email field. You can further set this collaborator's permissions by clicking on the 'Key' icon next to their email address. These permissions can be set before an invite is sent, and adjusted at any point during the project.


These work similarly to the predefined permissions list, but at the Document-type level. Another difference is the ability to "Hide" a given document-type from a user.

Adjusting Permissions

Collaborators' permissions can be adjusted at any point during the project. To do so, click the "Key" icon next to the collaborator's name in either the Project View sidebar or in the Sharing Dialogue's "Sharing Management" dropdown menu.

Sharing Management Dropdown Menu

The Sharing Management dropdown menu is located on the bottom of the Sharing Dialog.

It lists the collaborators of a project, as well as those who have been invited but have not yet finished setting up their Celtx account, a status known as "Pending". You can resend their invite email by clicking the "Resend" button next to their name. Existing Celtx users are added to Projects automatically, without the need to accept an invitation.

The Sharing Management Dropdown menu also allows you to remove collaborators from your project, as well as adjust their permissions.


Removing a Collaborator from a Project

To remove a collaborator from a Project, simply click the X next to their name in the Sharing Management dropdown menu, and confirm your selection. Documents, such as Sides, that removed collaborators have contributed to the project will remain in the Project's "Additional Files" section.


Leaving a Project

To leave a project that you have been invited to, simply move that Project to the Trash. This will not affect anyone else's experience of the Project. To move the project to the Trash, select the Project from your Studio view and click the "Trash" icon. Note that you cannot reverse this action; you will have to be re-invited by collaborator with invite privileges to rejoin the project.

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