Releases and Updates (October to December, 2021)

Celtx releases new features, fixes and improvements approximately twice weekly. Except where features are plan-specific, these updates reach all of our clients once released. There's no need to update your version or download anything. You're automatically updated to the newest and best version of Celtx whenever you log in.

Here you can view our release notes by date. The notes are arranged by the following categories:

  • New Features: A self-explanatory title, under this heading you'll find new features, large and small. 
  • Fixes and Improvements: These include bug fixes, internal issue fixes, and improvements made to help our features perform better or pave the way for future features.
  • Optimization: These include internal optimization fixes to things like load times, storage, etc.
  • Removed: On the rare occasions where we sunset an older feature or function, it will be listed here.
  • Security: Occasional security updates will be listed here.

Every release always includes a number of smaller fixes and changes to improve the Celtx experience for all users. 

If you're interested in a particular feature you can use ctrl/cmd+F to search the page. Remember, you can always submit bugs and suggestions for improvements to our support staff at any time.

Release Notes 2021-10-04

Fixes & Improvements

  • Call Sheets: Added a new feature for exporting to Google Docs.

Release Notes 2021-10-07

Fixes & Improvements

  • Mobile: Fixed an issue where the Share button was inactive when using the mobile version of the Online Studio.
  • Edu/Pro Management: fixed a small UI issue where "Last Active" tags were displaying for users who were still in a 'pending' state.
  • Mobile: Fixed a UI issue for free Android users where the Studio view was displaying a black bar to the right.
  • Call Sheets: Fixed an issue where an 'Actor' could not be removed from a 'Role', only replaced with another 'Actor'.

Release Notes 2021-10-12

Fixes & Improvements

  • Mobile: Fixed an issue on the mobile Online Studio where if a limit was reached with a free/basic account could not subscribe when prompted due to an UI issue.
  • Mobile: Improved look of some of the pages that were rendering too large for the mobile window.
  • Mobile: Corrected an issue where custom folders were not appearing in the mobile version of the Online Studio.

Release Notes 2021-10-13

Fixes & Improvements

  • Index Cards: Corrected an issue where a save would not always trigger when updating cards in the right panel of the Index Card window. 

Release Notes 2021-10-18

Fixes & Improvements

  • Cast & Crew: Corrected an issue where moving the cursor around items in the Catalog sometimes the cursor which appears is incorrect for the actions a user can perform.
  • Mobile: Fixed an issue that would dismiss the keyboard when pressing the in app "tab" button.
  • Film & TV and Stage play: Made updates to how Dual Dialogue would appear in the script editor. 

Release Notes 2021-10-19

Fixes & Improvements

  • Mobile: Correct an issue where free/basic account were showing a blank sidebar.
  • Breakdown: Improved localization of Breakdown Details to include category names

Release Notes 2021-10-25

Fixes & Improvements

  • Import: Corrected an issue, when importing a PDF that has dialogue that has multiple paragraphs it is not keeping the formatting.

Release Notes 2021-10-26

Fixes & Improvements

  • Multi-column AV: Fixed an issue that would pop up a plan page when adding an image, if project was shared but had Read-Only permissions. 

Release Notes 2021-11-01

Fixes & Improvements

  • Offline Mode: Corrected an issue where Offline Mode was not working correctly while internet was not connected.

Release Notes 2021-11-02

Fixes & Improvements

  • Import: Fixed an issue where characters displayed in the import window were incorrect.
  • Import: Corrected an issue where characters and scene dropdown were appearing behind lists.  This was Safari browser specific. 

Release Notes 2021-11-08

Fixes & Improvements

  • Shot List: Improved how the equipment section of the shot list is more visible while entering in expanded shot information. 
  • Script Editor: Corrected how the dual dialogue button would appear, when is a section of a script that did not have dual dialogue.  Previously would appear active when it was not. 

Release Notes 2021-11-16

Fixes & Improvements

  • Breakdown & Catalog: Corrected an issue where items in the Breakdown were updating to the wrong category in the Catalog causing a loading issue in both modules.
  • Cast & Crew: Updated how the Cast & Crew Budget details were appearing, correcting a misalignment. 

Release Notes 2021-11-25

Fixes & Improvements

  • Windows Celtx Screenplay: Corrected an issue where the app would report an error when opening scripts too quickly.
  • Windows Celtx Screenplay: Fixed an issue where the app would not allow the creation of a project while disconnected from the internet. 
  • Multi-column AV: Made updates to how hyphenated words were getting printed.  
  • Budget: Corrected and issue where the reports option were still appearing in the top sheet view. 

Release Notes 2021-11-26

Fixes & Improvements

  • Script Editor: Fixed an issue caused by a recent chromium update (Chrome & Edge browsers) were causing issues with accessing script.

Release Notes 2021-12-02

Fixes & Improvements

  • Multi-column AV: Corrected an issue with the slide show where images were stretched. 
  • Printing: Safari Only. Fixed an issue, when international characters are used, it would also inject a blank page into the script, every other page. 
  • Offline Mode: Corrected an issue where the contents were not getting saved, when taken offline by a user shared on the script. 

Release Notes 2021-12-20

Fixes & Improvements

  • Schedule: Corrected an issue that would occur when importing a script and tagging items in the Breakdown would cause the 8ths in the stripboard to get removed.
  • Catalog and Cast & Crew: Improve the look and function of the headers, they will now scroll with the rest of the window.
  • Script Editor: Fixed and issue when using 200% zoom and a smaller screen would cause the left side of the editor to hidden.
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