New Navigation and Sharing Updates

Throughout 2021, our product team and developers had worked on a project to improve navigation and sharing in Celtx studios. We’re excited to release it to all our clients. We wanted to provide an update to in-project navigation but also respond to your requests for improved sharing and permissions throughout your single episode and multi-episode projects.


What’s changed

What’s new

What hasn’t changed


What’s changed

Project View/Navigation 

Our improved navigation allows you to focus on the project modules you need to access quickly and easily. Instead of the tiled project folder, you are now taken directly into the script when you open a project from your main studio view. 





You’ll notice the left hand navigation menu now contains all the modules that were previously in that tiled view.

Here you’ll find your links to the script’s associated index cards, storyboard, catalog, cast and crew, budget, and schedule - including call sheets. Your breakdown and shotlist are now listed in the right hand script menu.

Breakdown and Shot List

You may notice that breakdown and shot list are not on the left hand navigation. Breakdown and shot list are essentially taggable views of your script, so the options for these modules are naturally available in the script tools menu.


To access them, just click on the script tools right hand script tools menu and they’ll open in the same tab.

If you’re unable to see them on your script tools menu, you’ll want to make sure they’re enabled as a view on the script tools. Click on View in the top menu, select Tools and make sure the breakdown and shot list are checked.


Team and Sharing

The left hand navigation menu also contains the link to your new Team page discussed more below. We’ve made some updates to what that sharing page looks like and the permissions you can set there, but the overall functionality of entering your collaborator or team members email address and clicking share remains the same.

Files and Images

We’ve merged the image library and the additional files into a single link. As before, you can add images throughout your project modules and they’ll be automatically sent to your image library. 


Click on the File option to open the window, from here you can access any files that were attached to the project.  To add a File click on the mceclip0.png button; you can add various files to the studio, like PDF's, etc.  Note: We have removed the option to add additional scripts.

You can also add images you know you’ll need directly in the Media window.  Click on the mceclip0.png add in your Media Library to open the Add Images window where you can search the web or upload an image.


Navigating Episodes

Now, instead of viewing each episode as a discrete project within a project that requires complicated navigation, all episodes are easily found in your left hand navigation menu. You can open each episode’s script, index cards or storyboard by simply “opening” the episode’s menu and selecting which module you want to access.

The breakdowns and shot lists for each episode are available in the script itself, on the right hand script tools menu.

To rename, duplicate, or delete an episode, click on the hamburger menu located to the left of the episode name:


To reorder episodes, you’ll use the hamburger menu to the left of the project name: 


For more on episodic sharing permissions, see below!


What’s new 

Team Page

Each project in your studio now has a team space, available by selecting the Team page in the left hand navigation menu or anytime and anywhere you click the “share” button.
Screen_Shot_2022-02-03_at_2.26.09_PM.pngThis team space will list people you’ve already shared the project with and their permissions.

It will also allow you to share with new collaborators or team members and edit their permissions.

The overall function of sharing hasn’t changed, but this centralized page gives you access at a single click to your whole project team and their permissions. We’ve also made some improvements to those permissions.

Sharing permissions with new episodic sharing

Anywhere you click on the share button in your studio you’ll see the same dialog:
Just like before, you enter your team members’ or collaborators’ email addresses or names (if you’ve already shared with them) in the email field, and you can add a personal message if you like.

Also like before, you can set their access permission, however now you’ll see their default permission is to “Edit all documents.” Note, if you do not change their default permissions, they will also receive the default to be able to share your project themselves. If you click on this and select “Advanced” you’ll see expanded sharing permissions:
Sharing permissions are listed by module and you’ll see options for each.

First, under script, you’ll see in addition to read and edit we’ve added options for “editing” or tagging the breakdown and shot list. Options include the ability to tag breakdown, tag shot list, or tag all, which also includes the ability to edit the script.

Each other project module has read only or edit permissions.

The Files and Media folders don’t have specific permissions and are either view or hide.

To hide a module entirely, just “uncheck” that module by clicking the checkmark next to it. This means your team member, collaborator or shared group won’t see it at all. In the example below, the shared individual will not see Master Budget or Files and Media.


You can always edit permissions after sharing your project, by navigating to the project's team page and selecting the permissions next to each shared individual or group.

This is also where you would remove someone from the project.


New Episodic Sharing!

You now have the ability to share single episodes of your episodic projects. The sharing permissions are structured the same as for single script projects, with the additional ability to select/deselect the scripts, index cards, and storyboards for all episodes or individual episodes using the hide/view checkmark.


Catalog, Budget, and Schedule are all available as Master Files including information from all episodes. Because this information is shared between episodes you only need to make a single decision on permissions for those modules.


Master File Episode Filters

Now that all your master files are standalone files, without episode specific ones, we knew you'd want the ability to filter that information for specific episodes.

To see the information for  just a specific episode or set of episodes in your Catalog or Budget, select the View button on your top navigation menu.

Once you select "Filter Episodes" you can filter the view to see information from just one or more episodes per your selection:


"Unattached" refers to those items that were added manually using the + button and so are not attached to a specific episode.

What hasn’t changed

Your main studio view will look like it always has, with each of your projects listed, sortable and searchable. Here you can also select projects and rename, duplicate, archive and delete them. You can also still share projects from this view.

Within projects your top toolbar remains exactly as it did before. Here you can access the File, Edit, View and Help menus in each project.

There have been no changes to the management area of your studio. All settings and profile pages remain the same. For our invoiced teams, member and group management remains the same.

All the functions and project types you previously used in Celtx are still there and still function the same. We haven’t removed any features or project types. If you’re having issues with finding a feature, please contact our support team

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