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Releases and Updates (July 2022 to September 2022)

Celtx releases new features, fixes and improvements approximately twice weekly. Except where features are plan-specific, these updates reach all of our clients once released. There's no need to update your version or download anything. You're automatically updated to the newest and best version of Celtx whenever you log in.

Here you can view our release notes by date. The notes are arranged by the following categories:

  • New Features: A self-explanatory title, under this heading you'll find new features, large and small. 
  • Fixes and Improvements: These include bug fixes, internal issue fixes, and improvements made to help our features perform better or pave the way for future features.
  • Optimization: These include internal optimization fixes to things like load times, storage, etc.
  • Removed: On the rare occasions where we sunset an older feature or function, it will be listed here.
  • Security: Occasional security updates will be listed here.

Every release always includes a number of smaller fixes and changes to improve the Celtx experience for all users. 

If you're interested in a particular feature you can use ctrl/cmd+F to search the page. Remember, you can always submit bugs and suggestions for improvements to our support staff at any time.

Release Notes 2022-07-05

Fixes & Improvements

  • Project Management: Improved messaging when moving a project to the trash. Helping our customers clearly understand the difference between putting a project in the trash and permanently deleting it.

Release Notes 2022-07-07

Fixes & Improvements

  • Free/Basic accounts: We added a banner at the top of the Online Studio project list to let users know that their Online Studio is a free/basic. This banner will help users know there are more options available if necessary.

Release Notes 2022-07-20

Fixes & Improvements

  • Script Editor: We added presence awareness to scripts that are shared. This will allow the collaborators on the script to see where everyone is working in the editor.
  • Revision Mode: Corrected an issue where the scene headings could not be updated while in Revision Mode. When attempting to change the scene heading there will be a warning prompt.
  • Call Sheets: Improved the copy/pasting from external documents when entering data into the call sheet. This improvement will help remove unnecessary characters that may have been pasted in.

Release Notes 2022-08-16

Fixes & Improvements

  • Sharable Links: Corrected an issue with Sharable Links where they were not opening to the script and causing a 404 error.
  • Basic Accounts: Improved messaging for free/basic accounts to help users identify the type of account they're using.

Release Notes 2022-08-25

Fixes & Improvements

  • Script Editor: We released a much anticipated feature, Custom Line types. With this feature we allow the write to customize how they would like different script elements to appear. You can now assigned bold, italics and/or underline to, for example, the Character element. Each Character you add using that element will now appear in that style automatically going forward. 

Release Notes 2022-09-14

Fixes & Improvements

  • Episodic Projects: We updated our episodic feature to have it appear more distinguishable when creating a new project. There is now a toggle to choose if a project will be episodic or not.

Release Notes 2022-09-21

Fixes & Improvements

  • Shareable Links: We improved the appearance of our Shareable Links option. The improvements allow more clear messaging and context. 

Release Notes 2022-09-27

Fixes & Improvements

  • Education Teams: Corrected an issue where Admin accounts that had a large number of projects would take a long time to load, especially the Members section. 
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