Releases and Updates (January 2022 to March 2022)

Celtx releases new features, fixes and improvements approximately twice weekly. Except where features are plan-specific, these updates reach all of our clients once released. There's no need to update your version or download anything. You're automatically updated to the newest and best version of Celtx whenever you log in.

Here you can view our release notes by date. The notes are arranged by the following categories:

  • New Features: A self-explanatory title, under this heading you'll find new features, large and small. 
  • Fixes and Improvements: These include bug fixes, internal issue fixes, and improvements made to help our features perform better or pave the way for future features.
  • Optimization: These include internal optimization fixes to things like load times, storage, etc.
  • Removed: On the rare occasions where we sunset an older feature or function, it will be listed here.
  • Security: Occasional security updates will be listed here.

Every release always includes a number of smaller fixes and changes to improve the Celtx experience for all users. 

If you're interested in a particular feature you can use ctrl/cmd+F to search the page. Remember, you can always submit bugs and suggestions for improvements to our support staff at any time.

Release Notes 2022-01-04

Fixes & Improvements

  • Project Management: Corrected an issue where files would not sort correctly based on number.

Release Notes 2022-01-17

Fixes & Improvements

  • Index Cards: Safari specific: Improved performance of using the Index Card window when using the Safari browser.

Release Notes 2022-01-31

Fixes & Improvements

  • Buy Now: Corrected an issue on the Plan page of the main Celtx website where customers would get stuck in the "Buy Now" section.
  • Multi-column AV: Fixed an issue where the text in the Shot column of the project would overlap when printed.

Release Notes 2022-02-08

Fixes & Improvements

  • New Navigation menu: Updated the Online Studio with a new navigation menu within the script editor.  This new menu is more streamlined and offers more permission options under Team.

Release Notes 2022-02-09

Fixes & Improvements

  • Breakdown: Corrected an issue where manually refreshing the Breakdown would cause updates made to the scene heading to get removed.
  • WWW: Resolved an issue with the BUY NOW section could cause an customer to get stuck in a loop.
  • Shot List: Fixed an issue where the Edit menu and keyboard shortcuts for delete were not working. 
  • Celtx Screenplay: The Windows app will now load correctly in the browser wrapper.
  • Cast & Crew: Corrected an issue where the image upload window would not get dismissed on pressing ESC key. 

Release Notes 2022-02-24

Fixes & Improvements

  • Multi-column AV: Fixed an issue where the hyphenation of words was not correct.  The update will now hyphenate in the correct location in the script. 
  • Import: Corrected an issue where the import of a PDF was causing Action elements to get added in as a scene heading.
  • EDU Account: Corrected an issue where Domain Restricted Sharing would remain active in the background when deactivated. 

Release Notes 2022-03-01

Fixes & Improvements

  • Mobile: Improved the how the Online Studio looks on the mobile browser version.

Release Notes 2022-03-21

Fixes & Improvements

  • Episode Project: Corrected an issue where unable to delete episodes.
  • Mobile: Fixed an issue where the tab button is not disabled for read-only users. 

Release Notes 2022-03-28

Fixes & Improvements

  • Cast & Crew: Correct an issue where an entry once added could not be deleted. 

Release Notes 2022-03-31

Fixes & Improvements

  • Schedule Reports: Fixed an issue where the Day out of Days (DooD) report was not printing.
  • Multi-column AV: Corrected an issue that would occur in the storyboard window that would cause the editor menu to overlap the scene.
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