Getting Started for Subscribers

You’re a video content producing, film-making dynamo and you need real pre-production tools.

And you have them with Celtx Online Studios and our suite of free mobile apps. We’re the "work anywhere, anytime" solution you need.

Studio Management

Once you subscribe you are the owner of your own account (like the master of your own destiny!). If you want others to collaborate with you, you can add them as Contacts. Contacts are other independent Celtx users that you can share projects and documents with. You can also elect to pay for a Contact's account, making them a Paid Collaborator. This means that they maintain their own independent studio, but you pay for their access to paid functions so they can work with you on shared projects.

If you want to manage and control your own Studio Team with Admin functionality and IP Control, check out Celtx Pro

If you're a teacher, instructor, or IT admin for a school and are looking for a group plan for students that allows you to manage their licenses, check out Celtx Education


We know no one takes a script to screen by themselves. Your projects can be shared with any Contacts you’ve invited to your Studio so you can work together.

You can create projects and work on all the included documents from storyboarding to budgeting and easily sync those projects with other Studio members and our range of apps.

Project Management

Every project you create comes complete with its own dashboard where you can view important information about the project as well as set goals and track progress. In addition, your subscription provides you access to our Script Insights feature, which will help you track your script progress and look at important script statistics.

If you have a number of projects in your studio, you can avail of our Folders and Archives to keep things organized. 

Pre-Production Tools and Special Features

Depending on your subscription package you'll now have access to Storyboards and Index Cards with your Script (Story Development Plan) or our full suite of pre-production tools from Breakdown to Budget. In addition, you now have access to Revision Mode, Script Insights and History Restore.

For more info on these tools, check out our how-to series.


We’re here to help. Our support team has created a great resource with our 24/7 online Help Centre, but if you can’t find the answer you need, just reach out using our Request form. Your requests are prioritized and always answered in less than 24 hours (excluding weekends).


Please note that Studio subscriptions - whether monthly or annual- are auto-renewing. If you decide to cancel your subscription, please do so before your billing date. You can do so at anytime by selecting “Plan” under “Studio Management”. From there, you can cancel, becoming a free/basic account. Cancelled subscriptions will stop billing after your current billing cycle ends.

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