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Files and Media

The Files & Media module of a project allows you to organize the various external documents and images. Clicking on this will drop down two options: Files and Media.



The Files section allows you to upload text documents or PDFs created outside of Celtx so that you can keep them closer to the rest of your project documents and access them from anywhere. This would be a good place to add a treatment if you have one or plan on creating one.

Click on the mceclip2.pngicon to upload a document or create a folder.


Adding a folder will help organize your various documents you upload to your project.

NOTE: We have removed the option to add additional scripts but if you had added extra scripts to your project under the older Additional File option, you'll find them here. If more scripts are required, you can create multiple versions using the Script Drafts option or add episodic tools to your project.



This is where you can add images throughout your project modules and they’ll be automatically sent to your image library. 

You can also add images you know you’ll need directly in the Media window. Click on the mceclip3.png button in your Media Library to open the Images window where you can upload from saved images on your computer. Hold Ctrl/Cmd or the Shift key to select multiple images that will be added to your Library.



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