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Starting a New Project

This video shows you how to setup your new project. 

When you create a new project, you'll be asked to select one of the following as your project intention:

  1. Film and TV: This will create a project with a standard screenplay format. Screenplays written on Celtx are formatted according to the Academy Nicholl Guidelines. This type of script is ideal for feature and short films, TV scripts, and some webisodes.
  2. Multi-Column AV: This will create a project with an A/V Script with integrated storyboard and shotlist. Ideal for corporate videos, ads, documentaries, and training videos, the Multi-Column AV Script can be manipulated to show typical two-column layout or the expanded version with an image preview of the shot.
  3. Stageplay: The category is self-evident, but what many don't realize is that you can decide which format of stageplay you want on print/pdf. Pick "International" for one that most closely resembles a British stageplay or "American" for a standard North American stageplay.

And... If you've already written a script in another program and want to import it into Celtx, just 'upload' after selecting your project type (Film & TV, Stageplay, and Game & VR only). You'll be able to select your script from your computer, upload it and create a new Celtx project around it. See this video tutorial for more info!

If you picked one template and later want to change, you can always use the adapt to feature.

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