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Import a Script

We understand that you've had prior relationships - either with other script writing software or with our legacy desktop software.

We don't think that's baggage, we think it's experience and we want to help you bring it to our relationship!

Currently we import the following file types:

  • .FDX or Final Draft
  • .doc and .docx from MS Word
  • PDF, Text (.txt) and Rich Text (.rtf) from any software
  • .celtx from our old desktop software as well as .cxscript from our Mac app

To import any of these file types, simply click 'New project' and then select your preferred project type. From the next page, choose 'upload'. You'll then be prompted to select your locally saved file. Once you create this project you'll see our studio has added all the pre-production files necessary and linked them to your imported script.

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