How to Delete a Project

Whether you’ve reached your project limit, you want to start over, or your project is completed, sometimes deleting a project from your Online Studio is the best solution. Before you do so, you may want to print your script. Check out this article on how to do just that.

To delete your project, while in your main project list, place a checkmark next to the project name; this will display more icons at the top of the window.

Each of these icons have different functions (in order, Rename, Folder, Duplicate, Archive). The icon we’re looking for is the trash at the end:


This will move your project into the trash at the over left of your Online Studio:


You can, using the menu options provided, open the trash or empty it. If you decide to Empty Trash, this will permanently delete any/all projects in the trash.

You can also click on the Trash and this will open that window:

Place a checkmark next to the project name and more options will appear at the top of the window. The first is the Restore option:

This will restore your project back to the main project list where you can continue to work on it.

The other icon is the delete option. Once you’re ready to delete the project(s) from your trash, click this icon:

This will offer a warning advising that once completed it cannot be undone and is permanent:


NOTE: Once deleted, it is permanently removed from the Online Studio and cannot be recovered. 

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