Information About Project Limits

Depending on your studio or subscription type, your Celtx studio may have a project limit. The project limit is inclusive of your full studio. It will include projects in your main Projects area: Home, Archived, any user created folder, or in your Trash. It does not include projects that are shared with you, owned by another Celtx user. 



This limit is displayed at the top of your Studio Management Plan Page.


Subscribed Users

For subscribed users whose plan includes a project limit, it will be displayed either here:




Or here:




If you have a project limit, some subscribed users can upgrade to get more projects, and others may purchase additional projects in increments of 10, to a maximum of 50 projects. These actions are available on your Plan page.


Free Users

Free users are limited to 1 project. There is no option to purchase additional projects without subscribing.


For information on how to delete a project from your online studio, check out our detailed instructions here.


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