Beat Boards


The Beat Board is an exciting new tool for your Celtx studio. It allows users to capture ideas and organize them based on color and grouping; keeping themes and thoughts in organized locations. 


Adding Beats

After loading the Beat Board module, you can add beats in multiple ways;

  • Clicking the "+" sign in the upper left corner
  • Choosing "Edit -> New Beat" from the Edit menu
  • Holding (alt/option)+shift and primary clicking on the board itself

We add random names to the beats to help inspire and keep the monotony at bay! 

Working with Beats

Once you have Beats on the board itself, it's as simple as double clicking on a Beat to open it up for editing! 

Editing Beats

Once a Beat is open, it's just a matter of entering your desired Title text and document data. We don't enforce any real length limit here, it will scroll once you reach the window size. 


Change the color for the Beat from within the Beat, or from the Beat Board itself.


Moving and placing Beats

On the main Beat Board, you are also able to multi-select, move, cut, copy and paste the Beats themselves. Once you have a  sizeable Beat Board established these options really help speed things up. 

  • To multi-select , shift+click/drag over the Beats you'd like to select
  • To delete beats, select the Beats in question and hit the delete button, or choose "Edit, Delete Beat(s)".  If attempting to delete multiple items we will warn first! 
  • Cut/Copy & Paste work like with an editor, allowing users to quickly copy multiple items and paste elsewhere. 

Recentering your view

At any time in your editing session, you can also click on 'Recenter' under the 'View' menu to quickly zoom you to a level where you can see all work in your BeatBoard.


Much like with the other Celtx Project modules, you're able to share the document with collaborators, create links for a read-only view of your work, and make comments to discuss progress and any questions which arise with the Beat Board itself.  Go check it out today!




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