Index Cards

Whether you're planning story beats or are drafting final revisions – Index Cards are a great way to organize your thoughts, balance your script, and start planning for pre-production. 


Please note: Index Cards are only available for projects created before January 16, 2023. Please see our Beat Boards article for information on our new story development feature.  

Index Card Overview

An index card is a simple and versatile tool that you can use according to your needs and the needs of your project. Below, you see an index card type, called a "Character Stub" – a quick sketch used early in the writing process to establish and develop characters.

An index card has three parts:

Screen_Shot_2019-09-04_at_4.26.29_PM.png   Card heading: the title of the index card.
  Summary: the body of the index card.
  Tags: labels used to organize and search cards. The color of the first tag colors the card.

The script sidebar

The Script Sidebar is a great way to develop your index cards while you working side-by-side with your script.



Index Cards can be accessed directly from your Script Editor by clicking "Index Cards" on the Quick Access Pallet. From there, you can perform most of the functions available in the Index Card Document:



Screen_Shot_2019-09-04_at_1.04.22_PM.png Linked Cards:


Screen_Shot_2019-09-04_at_1.09.53_PM.png Unlinked Cards:


Screen_Shot_2019-09-04_at_1.05.57_PM.png Collapse/Expand:


Screen_Shot_2019-09-04_at_1.12.54_PM.png Add Index Card:


Screen_Shot_2019-09-04_at_1.14.36_PM.png Card Options:

associated with specific scenes.


unassociated with specific scenes.


temporarily hide cards from view.


will add a blank Card to the scene.


add, move, unlink, and delete a card. 


The Index Card Document

The Index Card Document provides a larger workspace than the sidebar – which can be expanded or contracted by using the grabber bar (Screen_Shot_2019-09-04_at_1.30.10_PM.png). From the Index Card Document, you can search for Tags, as well as reorder Unlinked Cards and convert them into scenes.

Reorder Cards: 

Simply drag and drop the cards into your prefered arrangement. 


Filters the Index Card Document according to the tags affixed to each index card.

Create Scenes from Unlinked Cards (Edit, Create Scenes):

Converts each unlinked index card into a new scene at the end of your script. Each Header becomes Scene Heading and the Description becomes an Action element.



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