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Shot Lists

The Shot List feature allows you to quickly annotate your script with camera shots.  These can then be compiled, into daily shot lists for your director and camera team to use on set.  Let's learn how. 

Click on "Shot List" from the right menu of your script:mceclip0.pngYou can also access the Shot List from the main project window.

There are two ways to add shots to your scenes.  First, you can use the add button:

This opens the shot creation menu:


Celtx will automatically number your shot in order of creation, but you can reorder them later if need be.  You can describe your Shot, specify the Size, Frame, Extra Angles, and type of Movement; the Setup field is freeform to add more details as you need.

You can click on the Equipment under the Shot details to access more information, like Equipment, AOV, Focal Length and Camera:


When you're finished, hit Add. 

You'll see your shot listed here:


You can click on it to edit the details if something changes.  

The other way to add a shot is by tagging your script's text. Highlight a section of the text that will need a specific shot:

This will open the shot creation menu again, but some information from your script will be automatically included this time:
The description will be your highlighted test.  And if any dialogue was included the cast will be automatically added to Notes as well.  Fill in the other details and hit "TAG".

After you've created all your shots for a scene, you can reorder them by clicking and dragging them in the list:

If you'd like to get a full list of shots for your entire script, you can find the Shot List Report under the View menu:
You can also print it by going to File and Print/Download PDF:


Clicking the Download button will generate a PDF of the report.

Another option, if you want shot lists for each shoot day of your production, head to the report section of your Schedule:



Here you can generate a shot list for your scheduled shoot days. mceclip10.pngPick a day and hit "create".  Celtx will take all the shots you've added  to the scene scheduled on that shoot day and organize them into one document.  You can distribute that document as a PDF to anyone on your crew with the distribute button. mceclip13.png


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