Transitions, Shots & Text


Transitions are used within a script to mark changes between scenes or camera setups. As a Writer, these should be added only if the transition is explicitly integral to your story or plot, or if you’ll be directing your own work. Otherwise, these will be added by your Director. Some of the most popular are listed below:



Shot descriptions can be used in scriptwriting to indicate the shot type, camera movement, and the subject of a shot. However, as a Writer, your main job is to tell your story, and it is often discouraged to include Shots within your script. Keeping the focus on the narrative, without disruption, is the most important thing. An exception to this would be if you’re both writing and directing your work. More often, your Director and Cinematographer will take care of this for you. 


Celtx also allows you to use Text as an option while writing. This element doesn’t follow any specific formatting rules, and can be used at your convenience and discretion, for whatever your writing process requires. Some examples of how Writers often utilize this format is to add production notes, include song lyrics within a script, or denote text messages or letters that would be shown on screen.


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