Getting Started with the Classroom Plan

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Welcome to your Classroom Plan! 

As the Owner of a Classroom Plan, yourself and any students that accept the invitation to your plan now have access to the full suite of Celtx toolsets.


Classroom Plan Studio Settings

In the Settings section of your Online Studio, you'll have several options that will not be available to your students.

You'll be able to set a Studio logo and Studio name that will appear for all of the students that accept their invitations to your Classroom Plan. 

You'll also be able to set your date/time formatting and your preferred unit of measurement.

This is also the page where you'll be able to edit your domain sharing settings.


Domain Restricted Sharing

Your Classroom Plan includes domain restricted sharing. This ensures that students can only share class work with individuals with the same domain as them. 

When setting up your account, you'll want to edit your domain restricted sharing settings and ensure that all of the domains you would like for students and yourself to share with are included.

This option is available on your Settings page.


Once the domains that you'd like to open sharing to are listed, yourself and your students will be able to share with any individuals with an email of those domains.


Collaborating with your Students

When students accept the invitations to your Classroom Plan, they'll be able to work collaboratively and individually. All Projects that yourself and your students create remain private until they are shared with other Classroom Plan members. 

All collaborative abilities and limitations are covered in our article for Sharing and Project Permissions


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