Students: Joining a Classroom Plan

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As a member of a Classroom Plan Studio, you'll have the ability to create unlimited single and episodic projects and have full access to the full suite of Celtx story development and production planning tools. 


Receiving and Accepting a Classroom Invitation

There are two ways that you can receive an invitation to a Classroom Plan. The first is by email. 


If you receive this email, simply select the Get Started option to accept the invitation.

If you do not have an existing Celtx account, accepting the invitation will create a Studio for you and you will be assigned to the Classroom Plan.

If you have an existing Celtx Studio, you have the option to accept the invitation via the email you receive, or by selecting Accept on the invitation that appears the next time you login to your Studio. 



Understanding the abilities of the Classroom Plan owner

It's important to note that once you accept an invitation to a Classroom Plan, the owner of the plan has the ability to manage your Studio and Projects. This is especially important if you have an existing account already, as they would have the ability to see any Projects within your Studio, even those that are not shared with them and were created prior to accepting the invitation.

If you do not want the Owner of the Classroom Plan to have access to your previously created projects, you can suggest an alternate email to use for your Classroom Plan invite. If this is not an option, please reach out to prior to accepting the invitation and we would be happy to help with alternative options to ensure that your private work remains private. 


Declining an Invitation

If you're not interested in joining a Classroom Plan, you always retain the option to Decline an invitation. Simply select Decline on an in-app invitation, or ignore the email invitation that you received.

Please note, an Educator may re-invite you to their Classroom Plan at any time. 


When you're removed from a Classroom Plan

When you've been removed from a Classroom Plan, your Studio will revert to a free account. You'll have the option to continue creating as a free user or subscribe to a paid plan on your own.

All of the projects that you created will remain in your Studio, and any Projects that have been shared with you will remain shared with you. 

If you'd like to remove yourself from a Project, select the checkbox beside the name of the Project and select the Leave Project option that appears at the top of your Studio. 



Celtx was built for collaboration. From sharing and setting project permissions, co-writing, and script anchored feedback and commenting, there are numerous collaboration tools available to you when you are part of the Classroom Plan. 

Below are articles that outline the collaboration functionality available to you within your Studio:

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Some helpful resources for Getting Started

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