Casting, Rehearsal, Shooting Sides

There are two ways to create sides in Celtx. Let's take a look at how!

The Reports Page

The first way is to generate them from your Schedule Reports page. When you arrange your shooting schedule, and book it in the calendar, you can then generate sides for your shooting days in the shooting order.


The Sides Wizard

The Second way to generate sides, is directly from your script. 


In the below example, you choose the character you'd like to create the sides for (1), their sides will be listed below (2), select 'Save to additional files' (3) to save a copy to your project files location, then choose 'Compile' (4) to complete your sides document.  


Once you choose 'Compile',  you'll be brought to a print page, where you can print right away, or download your sides in PDF form for distribution via your favorite email or social media client. 


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