How do I downgrade/cancel?

If you'd like to downgrade your account, please do the following. Please note that this is for paid plans only. 

  • Click your name/email on the upper-right hand side of the screen, then choose 'Plan'.
  • Select the downgrade link at the bottom of the page.
  • You'll be presented with a page to select a different plan. Select one of the paid options or, scroll to the bottom and click the downgrade link again to cancel your subscription.
  • Confirm each dialog to continue with the account downgrade process.
  • Please, provide a cancellation reason, we value your feedback!
  • Click 'Cancel my subscription' to complete the cancellation. 


Downgrading to Basic

If you downgrade to basic, this cancels your payments, however you will remain a paid user until the credit on your account is used up. After which, you won't be charged further, and your non-basic files (Storyboards, Budgets, Schedules, etc) will revert to read-only.


Downgrading to another paid plan

When you downgrade to a different paid plan, the changes take place immediately and the remaining credit on your account is applied to future payments under your new plan. 


Deleting your account

If you've downgraded your account and your subscription credit has expired, you can delete your account by viewing the Settings of your account and selecting "Delete".

Please note that once an account is deleted, this action can not be undone.


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