Catalog Merge

The Catalog is a powerful production tool that organizes all your project’s assets in one place. But if you've got duplicate entries, or wish to merge two entries together, you can do so by following these steps. Doing so will transfer over any information not already populated in the destination catalog entry.

1. Select the checkbox next to the entry you would like to merge (Please note, this entry will no longer appear following the merge), then click the "Merge" button above the list of entries.


2. A box will appear prompting you to select a category, followed by the Catalog entry you wish to merge into.


3. When you've clicked 'OK' those entries will be merged, and the entry you originally checked off will be visibly removed from the Catalog list, and its contents transferred, unless the corresponding fields are already populated. 


Please note: If auto-tagging of characters is enabled (Breakdown Settings), when you reload your breakdown it will re-detect your removed character. Disabling that option will prevent that from happening. 

If you have any questions regarding this, or any other aspect of your Celtx experience, reach out to our support team at

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