Sharable Links


Celtx users have the option of generating a shareable URL that will allow those without a Celtx account to view read-only versions of any Celtx document. The link contents will update to reflect the data in the document itself


Creation of Links

To generate a sharable link you have two options

Option 1

  1. Use "File, Create link" menu option.

  2. Then click the 'Create a link' option to generate a link. 

Option 2

You can also access the sharable link option via the Share button itself

  1. Click 'Share' in the upper-right corner of your document and choose 'Create Public Link'

  2. You can then click to copy the link, so you can include in an email or other correspondence

Deletion of Links

To delete and therefore invalidate a link, choose the 'Delete this link' or the 'x' next to the link in the Share window. Please note: creating a new link will generate a new, unique link to your document. 

mceclip4.png mceclip5.png 


Please note: Copying a shareable link that has already been loaded from the address bar will not work. You must use the original URL created via the shareable link option in the editor. 

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