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Unable to Add Studio Member

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to add someone (an invitee) to your Studio. 

1. Most commonly, they are a member of another Studio.

  • The invitee can contact their current admin and ask to be removed from the team.

2. They are an admin of another Studio, with or without current members.

  • The invitee can remove all of the studio members (if any) and then contact us to have their account reset as a single user instead of Admin

3. They are already a paid subscriber to their own account.

  • The invitee can contact Billing to cancel their account immediately.
  • The invitee can downgrade to a Basic account in their Studio. This will involve waiting for their subscription for that month or year to expire before you can invite them.

In all cases, you have two other options to work with that user:

  1. Invite them at a different email address.
  2. Share with them as an individual contact rather than inviting them to join your studio.


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