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Checking Student Accounts: Become User

Screen_Shot_2023-03-01_at_4.37.59_PM.png This article references information for Celtx Education Studios.
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Students often require both hands-on help and monitoring. Whether they need you to take a look at an issue they're having in their script or they haven't shared their latest project for feedback, entering a student's account is an important tool for instructors and Educational administrators. To that end, we have implemented a special Administrator capability for Educational (Edu) teams: the 'Become User' button.

How it works

For Edu team administrators, you can now find a 'Become User' option for every member of your team, including students and other instructors and admins. This is available on the  Studio Management>Members page. Just open the dropdown for an individual member and select the button:


Once clicked, an administrator will be logged in as the selected student or colleague. Clicking the Projects tab will allow the administrator to see all projects that the student has created in their account. While in the user's account, an administrator can share content on their behalf, check on project status, review the student's script insights or other work, and troubleshoot reported issues. They will see this bar at the top of their screen.


Click "Return to account" to log out of the user's account and back into the administrator's account.

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