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Creating and Managing Classroom Groups

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Exclusive to our Professional and Education clients, the group management feature allows you to breakdown your class or school studio into smaller groups.

The purpose of groups is to facilitate sharing. If you have a student team working together or if you are administering more than one class in one studio, you can create a group for each working team or class. When you - or anyone in your studio - needs to share a project or file they can select that group as a whole instead of having to select each individual. 

To Create a Group

Under Management ->Groups, you will be able to create and manage groups. Click on "+new group." Now you can name a group and select students and colleagues to add.

To Manage Groups

Once you've created a group you can edit it to add or remove members, see who is a member and see what projects they are working on and when a member of the group was last active by expanding their record under groups:

*Note: as an admin you can see all groups in your studio. Students can only see groups they are a member of and cannot edit or create groups.

To Share with a Group

Sharing with a group works the same as sharing with any individual. When you select "Share" on a project or file, simply begin typing the name of the Group to have it appear and select it from the list. Every student and individual in that Group will then have access to the Project.

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