Removing Students

Screen_Shot_2023-03-01_at_4.37.59_PM.png This article references information for Celtx Education Studios.
If you are looking for information related to the Classroom Plan, please, go here.

You can remove students from your Education studio at any time and reassign their seat to another student or colleague.

You remove students from the same place you added them: the Members panel available under "Management."

Simply select one or more students and click the delete icon:

The next step will ask you to confirm you want to remove the individual and what will be done with their files. These would be the files that they themselves created and would not include files created by others and shared with them.

You have the option to let them keep their files; transfer the files to yourself; or transfer them to another team member. Note: if removing several students at once your answer will apply to the files for all students selected.

Once you confirm your choice, the student will be removed from your Education studio and will have their own individual account, with access to our Basic plan (unless they chose to subscribe).

You can then add another student to the unoccupied seat.


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