History Restore

All scripts and beat sheets in Celtx have a History. Documents save automatically a few seconds after you stop typing, storing a complete version to your History menu. You can also manually save by selecting 'Save' under the File menu or using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+S / Cmd+S.

For subscribed users, the option to "Restore" a previous version of a script or a beat sheet is also available via the History menu. Additionally, you can name as well as "favor" any versions you wish for easy access.


Viewing History Versions

To view your history versions, click "File" and then "History". Yours, and your collaborators', versions will be sorted by day. Click on any version to 'preview' it. 


Locally Cached Versions of a Script

If during your editing session, Celtx is unable to save your script to the cloud, it will create a local save, which you can then select from your history to restore when accessed from the same browser. Once you restore a cached version, it will become your current working version of your script. Note: Clearing your Browser's internet cache will remove these cached versions. 

Restore a History Version

Once previewed, you can 'restore' this version, turning it into your "Working Version". Your previous "Working Version" will be saved as the last history version.

Note that elements from other tools and documents, such as Breakdown, Shot List, Media, and Revision Mode will be affected by reverting your script history as well.

Favoring and Naming Versions

Each history version can be "favored" as well as named. To favor simply click the Heart icon to the left. To name, click the "time" value of a history version. Favored and named versions are viewable in the normal history view, as well as by clicking the History Version filter (set to "all" by default):


Restoring a Script as an unsubscribed user

While the automatic Restore functionality is only available to subscribed users, the option to view revisions of your script is always available to all users via the History menu.

To replace the current version of your work with a previously saved version, complete the following steps:

  1. Click to view the saved version you want to Restore
  2. Select All of the text 
  3. Copy all the text (Ctrl/Cmd + C)
  4. Click on your current Working Copy in the History list
  5. Select All of the text again (Ctrl/Cmd + A)
  6. Paste over with the copied text (Ctrl/Cmd + V)
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