Joining a Studio

You may have received an email about this invitation, or you may have just noticed the notification when you logged in. Either way, someone has asked you to join their studio team.

It says a lot about you that your Studio admin trusts and values you enough to add you to their studio!


You can now collaborate with your colleagues on all project types and files. You can edit files your admin gives you access to and add notes or comments to discuss ideas or provide feedback. Whatever your expertise, you can share it with a team of appreciative individuals while you work together towards a common production goal!

Who's in Charge/Who's Paying for this?

The Admin manages the studio and the subscription - including paying for it.

As a Studio team member, you have your own account. You login using your own email and password. However, the account is "owned" by your admin. They're paying for your plan and they control the files and access.

What about Privacy?

While you can create your own, private files within your studio account, we recommend if you have personal or business pursuits outside of the team ones, you create a second account that you control. 

Note: Items that were shared with you from 3rd parties can't come with you when you join a studio. They will be unshared.

I already have my own account and projects. What happens to them?

Some people join a Studio after having their own account - and contents - for a while. If this is you, anything you have already created in your account will remain under your ownership. The rest of the Studio team won't be able to see it unless you have it shared with the Studio members. 

When it comes to files created by others and shared to you before you became a team member, though, those files will need to be re-shared with you if you want continued access.

However, your Studio Admin has ultimate control over all files owned by Studio Members. Your Admin can, when removing you from the team, elect to keep all your files within the Studio Team by transferring them to herself or another team member.

If you're worried about maintaining control of your personal files or losing access to other shared files, you should use a separate, new account to join the team instead. Just ask your Admin to re-issue the invite to another email address.

Can I be a member of more than one studio?

Nope. You can only be a member of one Studio team at a time. 

So how do I share with non-studio members then?

You can have your own personal account Contacts they're different than Members. Check out this video on how to share with a contact.

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