Review and Approval


Approvals allow you to send read-only versions of your project documents to a client, vendor, or other interested party without them having to be added to your studio or have a Celtx account. They'll see the document in their browser and be able to apply general comments when approving or rejecting the draft document you've sent.

*The option to 'Request Approval' is available within specific plans. You can see your plan features and options anytime under 'Management' > 'Plan'.
When available, you'll be able to request approvals for all project files with the exception of Catalog and Cast & Crew. 

Sending an approval

To get started, load your script and then from the File menu, choose 'Request Approval'

From there, the new approval screen will be shown. That's where you can enter the recipients' addresses and a message to go along with it:

Responding to an Approval request

Once sent, every recipient will receive an email with a read-only link to said script.

Once they click the "REVIEW NOW" link they will be able to review and approve, reject, or comment on the work; Celtx account not required.

Managing Responses 

Once the reviewer has responded, you'll see their response status under the approval history in the upper left side of your document editor

You can keep track of all your approvals under the "View" menu in your document toolbar.

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