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I'm on a Basic (Free) Plan

Scriptwriting is your only game and nothing will distract you from that!

With a Basic account you can create a maximum of three projects. This includes the ones in your trash, so make sure to purge unneeded files to make some extra space.

You can share those scripts with others and have scripts shared with you. You’ll be able to sync to and from our Online Studio with the Script app and you’ll be able to receive reports on the Reports app.  Did we mention all our iOS/Android apps are now free!

When it comes to our other project documents, you won’t be able to edit those. However, any that you did work on either during your free trial or during a paid subscription will still be available to you as read-only files. In addition, other subscribed members can share our advanced files with you as read-only files.

You will also be able to create or join a Studio Team. If you're already an admin, you can continue to manage your team.

Your scripts are stored, backed up and syncable. If you need to, you can always access your script history. You won’t be able to restore from it, as this is limited to paid subscribers, but you can always copy and paste.

If you decide that you want to bring your script to production, access other paid features such as revision mode and restore from history, or create a new team, you can always subscribe easily from within your Studio.

Our Support team is dedicated to helping all our clients. On a Basic plan you have access to our 24/7 online help center and can submit questions for a response.


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