What's included in Celtx's Free (Basic) plan?

If you’re interested in getting started with screenwriting, stage writing, short-form video, or game writing – Celtx’s free plan is what you’re looking for. 

This plan comes complete with access to all project types, with cloud-based, online Script Editors with auto-formatters to help you quickly and accurately create industry-standard scripts. Access your projects and scripts anywhere, or take your work on the go with mobile & tablet browser access to the online Studio. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! There are even more tools to help you get your ideas on the page, organized, and ready for your first shoot day.


Script Editor Features

Access to the cloud-based, online Script Editor also includes:

  • Script import, including PDF compatibility.
  • Customizable Title Pages. *

    * Accessible through desktop or laptop browser only.

  • Customizable Script Settings.
  • Unlimited pages (Film & TV and Stageplay) and shots (Multi-Column AV.)
  • Real-time collaboration with presence awareness.
  • Media tags for Film & TV and Stageplay scripts.
  • Customizable Script Goals.
  • Script Editor Read Through (text-to-speech playback).
  • History version functionality (read-only.)
  • Shareable links.

Collaboration Features

Collaborate with friends and colleagues on projects with Sharing functionality. You can invite as many collaborators to work on your scripts as you would like. 


Whenever you share a project with a colleague, Celtx will send them an email indicating that you are inviting them to collaborate on that project with you.

When you share a project with a user with an existing Celtx account, the project will automatically appear in their list of projects within their own Studio, and they'll be able to begin collaborating, depending on the permissions that were assigned.

If the user does not have an existing account, they will first be invited to set up their own Celtx Studio before they can begin collaborating.

Check out our Help Center article on Sharing and Permissions here for more information on how to share with your collaborators.

Pre-Production and Production Management Tools

Limited use of advanced writing, planning, and shooting tools, such as the Beat Sheet, Breakdown, Catalog, Budget, Schedule and Shot List are now included in the Free plan.

Look ahead, plan, and map out the next stages of your project with the ability to view all pre-production files, and save all the work done during trial or subscription. Be as ready as you can be when your project moves forward.

You can create the following: Beat Sheet: 10 beats, Breakdown: 10 items, Catalog: 10 items, Budget: 10 items, Schedule: 3 End of Days (which will allow you to have up to 3 Shoot Days), Shot List: 10 shots, Storyboard: 5 shots, Call Sheets & Reports: 1 per type, Comments: 5 per document.

Note: once you hit the above limits, you will be asked to subscribe.


  • You can create a maximum of 1 project (including items in the Trash and Archive).
  • You will not be able to create drafts of your scripts.
  • You will not be able to utilize Episodic Tools. 
  • You will not be able to set filetype-based permissions (Edit, Read, and Hide) when sharing.
  • Scripts will include a "Created using Celtx" footer.
  • You will not be able  to customize headers and footers.
  • You will be unable to customize watermarks for print or PDF generation.

Support Options

Full access to our 24/7 online Help Centre, with the ability to submit questions to our stellar Support team.

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Have more questions? Submit a request