Printing or Downloading

To print your script, select the ‘Print/PDF’ option from the Options menu, or click the Print icon in the upper-right corner of the script editor. This will open the print menu.

From here, you have the option of downloading your script as a .PDF, or generating an in-browser .PDF preview for printing.

Printing in the Premium Editor

The premium script editor includes two additional printing features: watermarks and specialized report content.


To add a watermark, enter your watermark text in the field provided and check off the ‘Show Watermark’ box. This will add your watermark to each page of your .PDF (title page excluded).

Specialized Report Content

Under the ‘Report Content’ dropdown in the print menu, you can choose from a variety of different printout options. These options will change the content of your .PDF, but not your script.

These options Script only or Title Page and Script, as well as:

Scene List: Generates a list of your scene headings numbered in chronological order, along with their corresponding page position.

Characters: Generates a list of characters (with associated dialogue) in order of appearance, along with how many lines of dialogue they have and in which scene they first appeared.

Script with Footnotes: If you’ve added notes to your script, this printout option will include them as footnotes on the script page, along with a color-coded icon at their corresponding page position.

Script with Color Revisions: If your script is in revision mode, this option will include color-coded indicators for any revised script content.

Current Revisions Only: This option will only include pages affected by your most recent revisions.

Note: Since the Premium editor is a WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get) you'll find adjustments to paper size, headers/footers, and "Mores and Continueds" under the Options Menu.

Printing in the Basic Editor

Since the basic editor isn't a WYSIWYG experience, the print window is a little different.

You'll find your output options here. Create page breaks after each scene, add mores and continueds, scene number placement, choose whether or not to include a title page, etc.

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