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Does Celtx use industry standard formatting?

The short answer is yes! Our scripts are formatted to print in industry standard Courier 12 font, and all the standard margins. So no need to worry about your script looking correct.

Scriptwriting has very established expectations about how a script needs to be formatted, including things like margins, fonts, and spacing. These conventions are one of the first things industry professionals look for when first reading a script. This is because proper formatting is a sign that the writer is 'in the know' when it comes to the industry. 

Courier is used in scripts because it's a 'monospaced' font, meaning the letters are equally spaced and take up the same amount of horizontal space on the page. This is important for scriptwriting as it allows for more consistency between pages.

Same goes for line spacing: we offer 'regular' and 'tight' spacing, which are both broadly accepted formats. These options can be found in the Script Settings dialog (under the 'Edit' menu).

Both of these conventions helps scripts maintain an old notion that "one page of screenplay equals one minute of screentime".

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